Toto Momo Trade Mark Professionals

We are delighted to announce that
we at SEI SAITO Trade Mark Professionals
have embarked on a new journey as
Toto Momo
Trade Mark Professionals
from September 1, 2022.

Through our 10-year experience,
we now have a clear vision of
what we should continue to strive for:
seeking to help our clients fulfill
their dreams and
make their businesses thrive,
using our expertise in
trademark-related legal practices.

We are committed to working
closely with our clients,
looking to their success
in ten years,
or even a hundred years.

Our new company name, Toto Momo,
embodies that philosophy.
We are looking forward to
reimagining our business
Toto Momo Trade Mark Professionals.

*“Toto” and “Momo” are the first four letters of each Japanese word: totose and momotose, respectively.
Totose means ten years, and momotose a century – both of which signify specific anniversary milestones.
We have chosen this name, expressing our commitment to fostering strong relationships with our clients,
while maintaining a long-term vision.

Our new website will soon be launched.